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  • Using OpenAI ChatGTP to solve advent of code 2022 – Day 1

    I’m recording my interactions with OpenAI ChatGTP to solve advent of code, here is some context. Part 1 I ask it to solve a problem, but hit the enter key too early, without giving the problem.It gave an answer anyway. Obviously it didn’t solve our problem. We can notice that the program works, and actually […]

  • Using OpenAI to solve AdventOfCode – Day6

    Today, I took the opportunity to use OpenAI to solve a problem on the popular coding challenge website, Advent of Code ( Advent of Code is a series of small programming puzzles that are released daily throughout the month of December. I’m not the first to do it, some actually automated the whole process. But […]

  • sublg, ma première fonction bash

    sublg, ma première fonction bash

    Mon besoin : ouvrir une gem ruby en une ligne de commande. J’ai ce besoin lorsque je dois aller regarder le code d’une gem, “la meilleure documentation, c’est le code”. Sur cette page de blog “OPENING A GEM SOURCE WITH SUBLIME TEXT 2″, j’avais trouvé une fonction bash à rajouter dans son .bashrc (ou .zshrc […]