Using OpenAI ChatGTP to solve advent of code 2022 – challenge


ChatGTP seems amazing. I’m trying to see how good it is on solving programming puzzle.
At the period of the year (december), there is the perfect advent of code that is giving us a brand new puzzle every day. I’ve tried succesfuly ChatGTP to solve 2022 day6, but now I want to better understand on which it’s good or not, what problem would be harder to solve.

My Rules

The idea is to use OpenAI ChatGTP to solve the puzzles. The constraint is that I have to copy the entire answer it gives me, run the program and get the answer. No modification of the program allowed.
I’ll use ruby as it’s the langage I’m the most familiar with. It will help me understand errors in the program so I can give it tips.
I will resolve the puzzle by myself first.

Existing days

Day 1
Day6 (lack screenshots and real code)






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